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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Captain has lost it, I pity him, has forgotten Congress’ ideology

Captain has lost it, I pity him, has forgotten Congress’ ideology

By criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trying his hand at the charkha in Ludhiana, Congress leaders are making a fun of their party’s ideology and have disgraced the values of Mahatma Gandhi. I really feel sorry for Capt. Amarinder Singh and his associates. Captain’s remarks reflect his aging mind. By stating that weaving a charkha signified backwardness, the Congress leaders have disrespected the ideology which the party leadership has been laying claim on since decades.  Capt. Amarinder Singh has dishonoured thousands of patriots who saw Mahatma’s charkha as a symbol of sacrifice and without caring for anything just fought for our independence.  This statement ridicules thousands of those who earn their livelihood by weaving a charkha and contribute towards our economic growth. Capt. Amarinder’s remarks on our PM echo his retrograde mindset as he has parted ways with Mahatma’s ideology. What PM Modi has done by weaving a charkha is, that he has tried to bring back the glorious days of the charka and given a lease of life to the withering craft.  He has made the last man standing, a party to nation’s progress, which the previous Congress governments have turned a blind eye to since decades.

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