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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Citizens behind Modi, Captain and Kejriwal just gazing

Citizens behind Modi, Captain and Kejriwal just gazing 
(‘Desh di janta Modi naal, baithe dekhan Captain te Kejriwal’)

Parties of Arvind Kejriwal and Capt. Amarinder Singh are leaving no stone unturned to corner Modi ji, but the citizens of this country are behind the PM. This is evident from the surveys which say that 85 percent of the people have supported the demonitisation drive initiated by Modi ji. The people are facing some difficulties but they are ready to face any trouble for the bright future of our country. They firmly believe that whatever Modi ji does will be in the interest of the nation. 
 Friends, since childhood I have heard this proverb a thousand times- ‘chor chor mausere bhai’ (there is honour among thieves). I knew what this proverb stood for, but today I have seen it being realised. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji scrapped the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and declared a war against black money and fake currency, then all those political parties which used to question ‘What have you done against black money?’, have united today and are crying foul.  
Guilty conscience does prick the mind. Congress, AAP, BSP, SP, TMC- all the opposition parties are trying to sabotage demonitisation. At the same time the common man is facing troubles and is standing in long queues to deposit or exchange his hard earned money, yet he is supporting Modi ji. But these people are just crying hoarse. May be they have lost something really dear to them. When I see them unite and oppose a just and conscientious move, the ‘chor chor mausere bhai’ proverb seems to be realized.  
Amit Shah ji had visited Jalandhar a few days back. He clearly mentioned that after a surgery, pain persists for a few days but later it vanishes away along with the disease. Similarly, demonitisation seems painful but it is necessary for the health of our country.  
Amit Shah ji was impressed with the peace and communal harmony in Punjab, especially the way the Akali-BJP government has maintained it by constructing monuments/ religious places and conserved Punjab’s religious/social heritage. Shah ji was also elated seeing the enthusiasm and belief the people have placed in PM Modi.   
It’s true that everyone has to unite for the progress of the nation or a state and it is evident from our coalition. Be it at the Centre or in Punjab, the opposition has always tried to draw political mileage and divide the common man on basis of religion, society and economy. But the common man today is aware of these antics and hence is standing behind him like a rock. 

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