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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Demonitisation is like a medicine which tastes bitter but cures the root cause of the disease.

Demonitisation is like a medicine which tastes bitter but cures the root cause of the disease.

After demonitisation, the queues outside banks have shortened, but they are still there. The people are certainly facing difficulties with this historic decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, but media has been sensationalizing the issue. Especially the TV news channels have blown this temporary disruption out of proportions, ignoring the long-term benefits, the economic gains and the strong political will shown to combat corruption.
On the evening of November 8, 2016, when the Prime Minister in his address to the nation announced the demonitisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency denominations, he had made it clear that the citizens would have to be ready to face some challenges. He had sought a mere 50 days from the people out of which half the time has already passed away.  The queues have shortened outside the banks, though the people are still facing some problems. The Prime Minister and his government is fully aware of this and he is burning midnight oil to stabilize the situation. In spite of this, the people are backing the PM while the Opposition and a section of the media is busy spreading negative propaganda. Success is never achieved without sacrifice. Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for our independence, but can our freedom be measured on the basis of loss of their lives? 
Demonitisation is like that medicine which is bitter in taste but which cures the root cause of the disease. The role people are playing by standing in long queues, limiting their expenses and bearing patience, will be forgotten when the black money will be eliminated.  A corruption-free India will dawn on us. The Prime Minister has sought the support of the people in eliminating corruption and at the same time has asked his workers to pass this test. He has asked every MP and MLA of the BJP to submit details of their bank account transactions between November 8 and December 3o to party president Amit Shah by January 1. This is bold move of the PM to end the scourge of black money. Come let’s join our Prime Minister in his grand movement for a better tomorrow.

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